In Loving Memory Of Ashes 2001-2013

31 Oct

This blog is about Ashes my brother’s cat and a part of my family. He was a 12 year old sweetheart and minus a urinary tract disorder, he was healthy upto the last few days of his life when he was sick. I loved that cat, he was more than a pet to me, he was a child to me. And tonight at the emergency vets my brother made the decision to have him euthanized due to his leukemia. We will miss Ashes and I will never forget him.  He had a good life and was spoiled rotten. We are having him cremated and in 7-10 days I should have his ashes back and in a way he will be home again.


In loving memory of Ashes. 2001-2013.

Image This was Ashes a year or two ago. He went from 17 lbs to 11 lbs and was in bad shape. We didn’t feel it was right to treat him and put him through further testing when the chances of his survival was low.

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